Seventh framework programme Project co-funded by the European Commission

Project structure

 WP1: Threat analysis and risks assessment of EM attack scenarios for Railway

Led by SNCF

On the one hand, this WP is dedicated to attacking devices identification (emission, amplification systems available in the public domain, which can be used to generate EM attacks) and on the other hand, it focuses on the victim system trough a systemic analysis of the rail infrastructure. EM attack scenario will be implemented to assess the actual EM vulnerability of the railway Infrastructure.

 WP2, Static protection: Topologic solutions to strengthen the railway infrastructure

Led by Politecnico di Torino

It will be focused on the topologic architecture of the railway infrastructure and network. The topological architecture corresponds to wired network including wired transmission links, cables, electronic and electric devices.

 WP3 Monitoring the EM environment and detection of EM attacks

led by IFSTTAR

It will deal with the EM attack detection solution including sensors and processes to discriminate normal EM conditions and EM attack conditions. Output information data of the development of this WP3 will be serving the diagnostic system and dynamic protection in WP4.

 WP4 Dynamic protection: detection system for resilient architecture

led by TRIALOG

This WP will focus on a dynamic protection solution combining resilient communication architecture with a resilient health and attack management subsystem, and on the assessment of the resulting specification through a simulation assessment and a proof of concept implementation.

 WP5 Recommendations for a resilient railway infrastructure to EM attacks.

led by ALSTOM

will focus on the recommendations for policy makers, operators and the rail industry and will contribute to improving European standardization

 WP6 Exploitation and Dissemination

Led by UIC

It will manage the dissemination and use of results gathered during the project. It will handle the results which might be security sensitive separately from of the other results of public domain.

 WP7 Technical management


it will ensure that the project is able to achieve high quality results and to guarantee the systematic scientific monitoring of activities throughout the project.

 WP8 Administrative and financial management

Led by ERT

it will be in charge of the administrative and financial management of the project.