Seventh framework programme Project co-funded by the European Commission

Final conference

“SECurity of the Railway network against Electromagnetic ATtacks”
on 29 October 2015, in Lille, France at IFSTTAR premises

JPEG - 4.7 Mb

JPEG - 4.7 Mb

 Programme of the conference

PDF - 535.9 kb
Programme of the conference


PDF - 287.1 kb
SEC Final conf 20015 Abstracts


Introduction Erik Bessmann (IFSTTAR) and Pierre Brodin (DGITM)
PDF - 633.6 kb
SEC Final conf 2015 02 ifsttar

SECRET project: Context and objectives Virginie Deniau (IFSTTAR)
PDF - 1.8 Mb
SEC Final conf 2015 03 context ifsttar

Standardisation and immunity tests regarding Intentional Electromagnetic Interferences (IEMI) Véronique Beauvois (ULG)
PDF - 1.2 Mb
SEC Final conf 2015 06 WP2 ULG

Impact of EM attack signatures on ETCS Quality of Service Indicators Marina Aguado (UPV/EHU)
PDF - 3 Mb
SEC Final conf 2015 09 WP3 UPV EHU web

Architecture for resilience in presence of IEMI Antonio Kung and Michel Sall (TRIALOG)
PDF - 932 kb
SEC Final conf 2015 10 WP4 Trialog

Multipath Communication System (MCS): Using Control Protocol (MPTCP) for resiliMultipath- Transmission Eduardo Jacob (UPV/EHU)
PDF - 2.8 Mb
SEC Final conf 2015 11 WP4 UPV EHU

Recommendations to railway domain issued from SECRET project Pierre Lambert (Alstom)
PDF - 1.6 Mb
SEC Final conf 2015 12 WP5 Alstom

Point of views ANSSI, IEC, EPSF, ERA
PDF - 636 kb
SEC Final conf 2015 13 points of view

European Commission Bruno Chénard
PDF - 790.9 kb
SEC Final conf 2015 14 DG HOME point of view

Exploitation plan and perspectives Marie-Hélène Bonneau (UIC) and Virginie Deniau (IFSTTAR
PDF - 760 kb
SEC Final conf 2015 18 WP6 exploitation of the results

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