Seventh framework programme Project co-funded by the European Commission



SECRET is a research project in the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7-SST-2011-RTD1), call transport published on 20 July 2010 (Budget call: 26 millions Euros)

 Main objectives

The project SECRET aims to assess the risks and consequences of EM attacks on the rail infrastructure, to identify preventive and recovery measures and to develop protection solutions to ensure the security of the rail network, subject to intentional electromagnetic (EM) interferences, which can disturb a large number of command-control, communication or signalling systems.
The objectives are to:

  • Identify critical scenarios of EM attacks and to evaluate the consequences thanks to risks analysis and attack experiment on railway infrastructure
  • Develop equipment protection and resilient command-control and communication
    architecture to such attacks, including detection devices of EM attacks and
    management processes in order to completely defeat the effect of attack or to facilitate the return to normal conditions
  • Produce technical recommendations to reinforce the railway infrastructure.

  Description of work

SECRET will develop innovative solutions to reinforce the infrastructure and to prevent the European railway from the EM vulnerability resulting from the harmonisation process. This requires development of technologies in compliance with ERTMS and production of technical recommendations improving the European standardisation and the railway infrastructure resiliency.
The work plan of the project extends over 36 months and is structured in five work packages in charge of the technical works:
First, WP1 is dedicated to the threat analysis and risks assessment in terms of EM attacks scenarios, impacts and EM attack devices. These outputs aim to provide a clear view of the criticality of the railway infrastructure to policy makers.
WP2, WP3 and WP4 are focused on the innovative solutions to be implemented in order to protect the railways against EM attacks.
WP5 aims at producing the specifications and technical recommendations dedicated to European standardisation bodies.
WP6, WP7 and WP8 are respectively in charge of the dissemination, the project technical management and the administrative and financial management.

  Added value

  • European added value:
    • Support to the Interoperability of the European Railway network
      This project will provide the EM robustness and resilience that GSM-R and ETCS lack to advance,the harmonization of the European network.
    • Improve the European standardization and harmonization
      The works and results of this project will be a broken down form of technical recommendations that will be presented to the European standardization bodies.

  Starting date

1st August 2012


36 Months